About Us

The future is bright, and so are our kids.

College Assurance Partnership is a non-profit that reimburses college tuition costs of qualifying Richmond Public Schools students who have earned a STEM-H degree.

Our mission is to make a better Richmond by helping students in public schools achieve their God-given potential.

How CAP Works

College Assurance Partnership helps qualifying Richmond Public School students who have earned a two-year or four-year degree in science, technology, engineering, math, or health sciences (STEM-H), by rewarding their achievement:

We start by helping Richmond public school students manage college COST$.

People get good jobs when they earn college DEGREE$.

Communities grow and prosper when people have good paying JOB$.

Join us

Ready to make RVA a better place to live, work, and grow? Here are three great ways you can get involved:


Education is the key to a child’s long-term success. While Richmond’s potential is almost limitless, our public school students don’t always get the tools they need to succeed. In the end, this limits our community’s ability to provide a large, qualified labor force that attracts and expands businesses and employment opportunities. The educational challenges confronting our students can be daunting, and we at CAP understand no single solution exists for the educational crisis we face.

CAP cannot possibly address the problem alone. That’s why CAP needs partners who want to get involved and provide the support, guidance, and mentorship necessary for our children’s personal and academic success.

Helping students through the college application and financial aid process, supporting students who may be struggling to stay in school, providing internships and real life work experiences for our CAP students are but a few avenues that exist to partner with us at CAP as we strive to make RVA a better place, one student at a time.

Contact us today to talk about forming a partnership with CAP.


When it comes to education and our Richmond Public School students, people often have a particular passion about an area, school or background, and businesses often have a specific need that they want to see fulfilled. For example, you may want to encourage students who attended your old school, come from a particular neighborhood, or want to pursue a particular calling.

CAP gives you a flexible and customizable solution to create scholarships that will benefit students with a background or career path that you want to recognize, support, or encourage. Imagine creating the “Your name here scholarship for Scientific Research” or the “Your Name Scholarship for Your Alma Mater.” The possibilities are endless, and so are the opportunities you will be giving Richmond’s next generation.

To create a named scholarship opportunity through CAP, contact us today!

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